The history of the Pine Knot Lodge and the Big Bear Lake Village have always been linked very closely together.  Recently revealed documentation, published in Charles Peckham’s book “Big Bear Lake”, shows just how closely linked they actually were.  It turns out that both the Pine Knot Lodge and the location of the Big Bear Village were actually the vision of one man –  John H. Fisher.  This video tells Fisher’s story, and how he, along with the help of other Big Bear pioneers such as Fred “Dad” Skinner and Hollywood producer Cecil B. DeMille, laid the foundation for Big Bear Lake community that we have today.

The Historical images for this video were provided by the recently published “Vanishing Big Bear-2” and the “Big Bear Lake – The Struggle For Water Land & Power”, and from the historical collections of Rick Keppler, Mark Durban, and Charles Peckham. “Vanishing Big Bear-2” is a hardbound 8.5” x 11” book. It is available at Butchers Block and other retailers in Big Bear Valley, and online at and at