This collection of articles provides basic information about specific topics in Big Bear’s rich history.

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Most of the content appearing on this website comes from the information and material acquired during the production of our weekly TV series the Big Bear History Show on Channel-6, and in the publishing of the book “Vanishing Big Bear”.


This is a chronological timetable of noteworthy events that shaped Big Bear’s history. It’s a continuing work in progress that is constantly being updated on an irregular basis.

Andy Griffith & Andy Devine – Filming At Big Bear Lake

In the 1970’s, actor/entertainer Andy Griffith made a few movies that were filmed almost exclusively at various locations throughout Big Bear Lake. These movies provide us with a visual record showing how Big Bear Lake has changed over the last forty years. One of the...

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The Untold Story of John Fisher and the Big Bear Lake Village

The history of the Pine Knot Lodge and the Big Bear Lake Village have always been linked very closely together.  Recently revealed documentation, published in Charles Peckham’s book “Big Bear Lake”, shows just how closely linked they actually were.  It turns out that...

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Living With Fire at Big Bear Lake – Part 1 “1927”

Surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest, Big Bear residents are well aware of the constant threat of both domestic and wildfires. This four part series of historical videos looks at how the Big Bear Lake communities have dealt with the threat of fire over the...

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