Big Bear Resorts and Tourism

There was a time when Big Bear Valley was covered with dozens of Grand Lodges and Resorts. Most all of them have long since disappeared, but the articles and photos in this historical category provide a unique glimpse as to what is was like vacationing in Big Bear Lake back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Big Bear Resorts & Tourism

Tourism and real estate construction are Big Bear Lake’s two major industries. Here is a little history of how tourism and lodging got started in Big Bear Lake. THE BEAR VALLEY HOTEL When Big Bear Lake was created in 1885, the valley was pretty much devoid of any...

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Big Bear City Resorts

THE PAN HOT SPRINGS HOTEL Just a few miles east of the Big Bear lake is a unique little known geological feature, a natural hot spring. For centuries this place was a favorite spa for the local Serrano Indians. In 1921, Emile C. Jesserun arrived in Big Bear and...

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Stillwell’s Resort

Here are a few old photos of the Stillwell’s resort from the early 1920’s that we talked about in our Big Bear Resorts & Tourism” article.  This popular resort was ideally located on a point on the lake just north/west of Big Bear village.  Stillwell’s was the...

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