This collection of articles provides basic information about specific topics in Big Bear’s rich history.

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Most of the content appearing on this website comes from the information and material acquired during the production of our weekly TV series the Big Bear History Show on Channel-6, and in the publishing of the book “Vanishing Big Bear”.


This is a chronological timetable of noteworthy events that shaped Big Bear’s history. It’s a continuing work in progress that is constantly being updated on an irregular basis.

Three Village Theaters at Big Bear Lake

A historical look at the Southeast side of today’s Village Drive at Big Bear Lake, and of the three movie theaters that once operated there. The Historical images were provided by the recently published “Vanishing Big Bear-2” and from the Rick Keppler and Mark Durban...

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The Pan Hot Springs Inn at Big Bear Lake

This short video tells about Big Bear City’s first resort, the Pan Hot Springs Inn. The Historical images were provided by the recently published “Vanishing Big Bear-2” and the Rick Keppler historical collection. This hardbound 8.5” x 11” book is available at Big Bear...

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The Big Bear Lake Dam – A History of Two Bridges

A short story of the old bridge that was built across the dam at Big Bear Lake, California, in 1924, and the new overpass which replaced it in 2011. The Historical images were contributed by the recently published “Vanishing Big Bear-2”...

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Early Roads Into Big Bear

In the early 1880's, Big Bear Village, Fawnskin, and Big Bear City didn't exist. The only community in Big Bear Valley was a little mining town at the north/east end of Baldwin Lake called Baird’s town, and the only two roads into the valley were actually trails.The...

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Fawnskin – A Brief History

As a result, Fawnskin’s rapid development slowed to a crawl, and all of the early resorts that once dotted the north shore of the lake, except for one, eventually disappeared into history. Meanwhile, new development along the south side of the lake escalated, and has...

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A Man Made Lake?

BIG BEAR'S NATURAL LAKE Big Bear lake is a man made lake. All of the published history to date, including this author's book Vanishing Big Bear, tells us that Big Bear Lake was originally created when a Redlands farmer by the name of Frank Brown built a rock dam...

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