This collection of articles provides basic information about specific topics in Big Bear’s rich history.

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Most of the content appearing on this website comes from the information and material acquired during the production of our weekly TV series the Big Bear History Show on Channel-6, and in the publishing of the book “Vanishing Big Bear”.


This is a chronological timetable of noteworthy events that shaped Big Bear’s history. It’s a continuing work in progress that is constantly being updated on an irregular basis.

Bridge Construction – 2010

Construction on a new bridge that will replace the old existing bridge across the top of Big Bear's multi arch dam as the main artery into Big Bear began in April 2009. This new bridge will completely bypass the old bridge and the dam. It is estimated that it will...

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Step In Again 1

The August 25, 2012, Big Bear Classic Boat Show had a wonderful selection of old classic boats on display. One in particular was a beautifully restored 26‘ Chris Craft named “Step In Again 1”. Sixty years ago, this boat was a familiar site on Big Bear Lake. It was...

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Big Bear Resorts & Tourism

Tourism and real estate construction are Big Bear Lake’s two major industries. Here is a little history of how tourism and lodging got started in Big Bear Lake. THE BEAR VALLEY HOTEL When Big Bear Lake was created in 1885, the valley was pretty much devoid of any...

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Big Bear City Resorts

THE PAN HOT SPRINGS HOTEL Just a few miles east of the Big Bear lake is a unique little known geological feature, a natural hot spring. For centuries this place was a favorite spa for the local Serrano Indians. In 1921, Emile C. Jesserun arrived in Big Bear and...

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Hollywood Discovers Big Bear

In March of 1911, a film company from Hollywood, called the Essanay Company, arrived at the Pine Crest Resort near Lake Arrowhead. They unloaded their equipment, and began filming a short one reel film entitled “Romance of the Bar O”. It is believed that this was the...

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Cecil B. DeMille

Famous film director/producer Cecil B. DeMille was one of the first Hollywood producers to use Big Bear as a location for a filming. Just three years after the Bison Motion Picture Company had arrived in Big Bear, DeMille was up here making a silent film called “The...

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